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Hey guys and gals we are about two weeks to four weeks away from releasing our new website to you. It will be different and not your common store front website. If all goes well we may have some new inventory in by Christmas. AWA is 9 days away I hope to see all of you there. ...

Hello, guys and gals it is with a heavy heart that I have to tell you that after almost 3 years of selling black light goods and over 2 years 2 months of selling anime collectibles we are closing our shop. We have a lot of good memories thanks to you all, but sometimes you must move on from where you are to get to where you're going. This weekend will be our last weekend at the shop so come on by and say goodbye. We will be having a great sale on a lot of our items and even the front display cases.
I wish we could continue to sell up there so we could continue to see many of you because we consider all of you friends. I will be keeping this Facebook page open and I will be updating our website to include a message board. Please, I encourage all of you to post any questions or thoughts on this page. I hope you all feel free to ask and answer questions freely. You know questions such as what is your thoughts on Netflix's upcoming Deathnote series?
This page is made up of tons of people who like us have a deep respect and general love for anime and manga. Also, the best thing about this is we all live in the upstate of South Carolina for the most. I know we have a few out of towners like John "Batman" who is in CA and a few others. We welcome all on this page no matter where you live because you add to our community to make us better and more knowledgeable as a whole.
There are several reasons for us closing the shop, and I will try not to bore you with all of them. However, as many of you know I work crazy hours at my full-time job as a database programmer and thats why most of the time you sawn us arriving late or setting with our laptops out. I have a number of side projects I have been working on and if I am gonna finish these projects I have to shuffle my schedule. I can't sacrifice family time because my kids are getting older every day. And I can't sacrifice work time because I have to pay bills.
I want to keep in touch with all of you so I will be posting regularly on this page. I will also keep you all up to date on the progress of my side projects if that is something you are interested in. Again I am truly sorry for closing the shop and please feel free to message us anytime.

Hey guys and gals we will be opening today after a few weeks off. We will also be cosplaying..some what... So come on by and see us. ...